Slip And Fall Lawyer Near Me

The Top 5 Questions For A Slip And Fall Lawyer Near Me

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident and are asking yourself “where is the best lawyer near me?”, there are a number of questions that need to be asked. “How do I find the best slip and fall lawyer near me?” is the most common question, but it barely scratches the surface.

Let’s take a closer look at the top five questions that you need to be asking of your prospective lawyer. By taking the time to learn more, you can avoid the typical problems and difficulties that take place when you are in the process of answering the “where can I locate a slip and fall lawyer?” query.

1) Are There Any Defects To Blame?

In order to build your case, you must be able to establish some form of liability. No establishment is going to willfully roll over and provide you with compensation because you tripped over your own two feet. What you are looking for in these instances are obvious construction related issues. There needs to be obvious defects that can be pointed to in a court of law in order for you to receive any sort of compensation.

2) Am I Able To Explain The Accident?

Put it this way: if you are walking into the office of a slip and fall lawyer near you and the best you can do when it comes time to explain the accident is “I don’t know”? You are going to be fighting an uphill battle as far as receiving any type of compensation is concerned. You need to be able to explain your accident to the lawyer in a manner that allows them to assist you. The more you can explain, the better your chances.

3) What Are The Laws of My State?

The laws in the state where you reside will play a major role in your ability to receive the compensation that you seek. Different states are going to have their own laws and you need to know as much as possible about how these laws are going to affect your ability to request compensation. Don’t file a claim until you have taken the time to find out as much as possible about the laws and ordinances in your area.

4) Who Am I Filing a Suit Against?

You need to know exactly which parties are responsible for your injuries. That means finding out as much as possible about the owners of the property that caused your injuries. Is the area owned by the city or is it owned by a private citizen? Once you have been able to identify the owner, the task of filing a suit becomes much easier. Don’t make the mistake of filing suit against the wrong parties.

5) Have Attempts Been Made To Repair The Cause of the Accident?

This is a very important question that is going to make or break your ability to receive a settlement. While there is often a case against the parties responsible for your accident, they may have also attempted to fix the problem already. If so, this is a sure sign that you need to investigate the issue further. The repair attempt may provide you with a smoking gun of sorts and even a lack thereof can speak volumes as well.


Slip And Fall Lawyer Near Me