Mejor Abogado De Accidente Cape Coral FL

El Mejor Abogado De Accidente In Cape Coral FL

María Archuleta née Gil, is an eighty-year-old mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. María arrived in the United States shortly after the fall of the Batista Regime in 1959. She was twenty-six years old and spoke no English. She had no idea that one day she might need el mejor abogado de accidente in Cape Coral FL. She didn’t even know where Cape Coral was.

A Marriage And A New Life

Relatives helped María find work for a wealthy family in Miami and at night, María studied English. Within a year she not only spoke English quite well but then found a job in a Miami jewelry store where she eventually married her employer.

Happiness And Tragedy

Working together, María and her husband, Héctor Archuleta, expanded the store to two others while María was soon the mother of three children. Shortly after the grand opening of Archuleta Fine Jewelry in Cape Coral, María was struck by a car. Héctor saw el mejor abogado de accidente in Cape Coral FL on the television program, Aquí y ahora. A settlement was soon reached and soon a fourth store boasted its grand opening while María boasted her fourth child, a charming girl named Cristina.

A loving mother and a hard worker, María’s happiness was to be cut short by a series of ailments. Doctors blamed many of María’s problems on her not starting a family until she was well into her thirties. But María continued to work and as the children grew older, they began working in the jewelry stores.

Another Tragedy

Then an even graver tragedy struck. Héctor happened to be alone in the Cape Coral store when a pleasant, well-dressed couple entered. The man wanted to see engagement rings for the woman. As Héctor bent to open a case there was no warning. Both presented pistols and began using them to break showcase glass. When Héctor tried to press an alarm button, the woman shot him three times, killing him. The couple fled with the loot. They were soon apprehended but nothing could bring Héctor Archuleta back to her María and the family.

The Nursing Home

By this time, María, a widow with grown children and growing grandchildren, had become weak and often forgetful. Before long, it became obvious that María could no longer care for herself. The family found what appeared to be a loving nursing home. She would share a room with one other resident. A high wall divided the room into two halves. Each had a bed, a bathroom, and a small closet. The common areas too appeared comfortable. Lounge chairs before a television, a pleasant dining room where the week’s menu that was easy to read.

But shortly, one of María’s grandchildren came with her husband and newborn baby came to show off the child. They noticed unusual bruises on their grandmother as well as a sad, despondent change in the hard-working widow.

After mentioning this to an elder in the family, others began visiting and as evidence mounted in their minds that something was gravely wrong, they contacted el major abogado de accidente in Cape Coral FL.

As the case progressed, authorities too investigated and not only fined the owners of the home, but some went to prison while the facility was closed and María’s family found a much pleasanter home for this elderly woman.


Mejor Abogado De Accidente Cape Coral FL

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