Abogado de Accidente en Miami

5 Tips To Assist Your Abogado De Accidente En Miami

When we have been in an accident that did not take place through any fault of our own, we are often tempted to find abogado de accidente en Miami that can assist us. While this is always the right decision to make, that does not mean that you be forcing your abogado de accidente en Miami to do all of the work on your behalf.

That's why you need to take a closer look at the following tips that will allow you to assist your abogado de accidente en Miami. Be sure to read on and learn more about the following pointers, so that you are placing your lawyer in a position to succeed.

1) Do Not Admit To Any Fault

The client who has already admitted to fault at the scene is a client who is making life far more difficult for their abogado de accidente en Miami. Do not ever admit to fault at any stage of your legal process. It starts by not admitting to any fault at the scene of the accident. An admission of guilt at the scene of the accident is going to make it very difficult for their lawyer to win them a proper settlement.

2) File All The Necessary Reports

Contact the police as soon as you are aware of your accident and file all of the necessary paperwork as soon as possible. There is no reason to delay and those who do are reducing their chances of receiving a settlement. If you are planning to show up to your negotiation with the insurance company without the proper paperwork, then you are planning to fail. Take the time to file all of the necessary paperwork as early as possible.

3) Don't Sign Any Documents For The Other Driver

The other driver may try to present you with paperwork to sign that is designed to help both of you. In reality, this paperwork is usually presented to drivers as a way of forcing them to forfeit their rights. Do not sign any documents that are presented to you by the other driver for any reason. If you believe that the documents are being presented in good faith, have your accident lawyer take a closer look at them first.

4) Avoid Giving Statements

The insurance company may ask you for a written statement and the driver of the other vehicle may make a similar request. There is nothing wrong with denying both of these requests flatly. Giving a statement during the process of seeking a settlement cannot help you in any way. It will only make it tougher for your lawyer to prove your innocence. Don't give a written statement and do not let anyone record you on tape.

5) Document All Medical Expenses

The medical expenses are going to form the nucleus of any settlement that you seek. A client that is truly prepared for everything that is about to come their way will remain ahead of the game by documenting all of their medical expenses. This keeps the insurance company from being able to minimize the accident's level of negative impact on your life. The insurance company is not going to take your word for it, so you should plan for the future by keeping close track of all medical expenses.


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