Abogados de accidenteWhen we hire an abogados de accidente, there is an understandable amount of focus on the number of questions that we are going to have to ask them. Meanwhile, the abogados de accidente that we select is going to have a series of questions of their own that we are going to need to answer.

Knowing more about these questions before we meet with the abogados de accidente is crucial to the success of our case. Most of these questions are fairly cut and dried, so there is no reason to panic once the big day finally arrives.

1) When Did The Accident Take Place?

This is the type of question that the average client should be able to answer with ease. It is not complex or difficult in any way. The shocking part is that there are a wide range of clients who will head to their initial consultation meeting without having a strong grasp on the simplest of facts. Be sure to have a strong idea of the date that the accident took place. No ifs, and's or buts are acceptable in these sorts of instances.

2) How Did The Accident Take Place?

A question like this one might be a little more difficult to answer but that does not make it any less crucial. The more detail that we are able to provide to the legal representative about this matter, the easier it becomes for them to provide us with the proper assistance. Conversely, a client that cannot offer any viable information about the accident and how it ended up taking place is making their abogados de accidente's job even more challenging.

3) Can You Show Us a Police Report?

While a police report is not necessarily mandatory in these situations, it certainly goes a long way towards bolstering whatever story that the client is trying to tell. If the client is claiming that the accident took place because of another driver's negligence, a police report that agrees with this assessment is essential. These reports are one of the primary pieces of evidence that can be used to provide us with the desired outcome.

4) Did The Client Receive Medical Care?

A client who is claiming to have sustained injuries as the result of a traffic accident will need to provide some level of proof that they were actually admitted to a hospital. If the client chose to visit their own practitioner instead, they must provide paperwork that proves the necessity of the trip. A specific location needs to be offered for any medical care that took place in order for the evidence to be usable in court.

5) How Much Insurance Coverage Does The Other Driver Have?

We may have been involved in an accident that led to several hundreds of thousands in damages. On the other hand, the driver of the vehicle that struck us may not have the level of insurance coverage necessary to cover this amount of expenses. This is one of the most pivotal pieces of information that we need to provide to our traffic accident lawyer before we can receive the assistance we need.


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